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author : Alokmay Datta

First name Alokmay
Family name Datta


"Screening out the non-Arrhenius behaviour of nematic-isotropic transition by room temperature ionic liquid"

Kaustabh Dan, Alokmay Datta, Yukihiro Yoshida, Gunzi Saito, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Madhusudan Roy, Journal of Chemical Physics, 144, (2016)


"Phase separation in crowded micro-spheroids: DNA-PEG system"

Nupur Biswas, Masatoshi Ichikawa, Alokmay Datta, Yuko Sato, Miho Yanagisawa and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Chemical Physics Letters, 539-540, 157-162, (2012)


"A non-equilibrium quasistationary state in an ionic liquid caused by a focused laser"

Natsuki Iguchi, Alokmay Datta, Kenichi Yoshikawa, Yukihiro Yoshida and Gunzi Saito, Chemical Physics Letters, 485, 110-113, (2010)