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author : Ágota Tóth

First name Ágota
Family name Tóth


"Unidirectional Wave Propagation in One Spatial Dimension"

Ágota Tóth, Dezsö Horváth and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Chemical Physics Letters, 345, 471-474 (2001)


"Propagation of Chemical Waves at the Boundary of Excitable and Inhibitory Fields"

Konstantin Agladze, Ágota Tóth, Takatoshi Ichino and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 104, 6677-6680 (2000)


"Electric Field Induced Lateral Instability in a Simple Autocatalytic Front"

Dezsö Horváth, Ágota Tóth and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Journal of Chemical Physics, 111, 10-13 (1999)