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author : Kenichi Yoshikawa

First name Kenichi
Family name Yoshikawa
affriation Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan


"Periodic Alignment of Binary Droplets via a Microphase Separation of a Tripolymer Solution under Tubular Confinement"

Mayu Shono, Koki Aburatani, Miho Yanagisawa, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Akihisa Shioi, ACS Macro Letters, 13, 207-211 (2024)


"Micro-DC rotary-motor working smoothly with neither contact brush nor fixed-axis"

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Hiroyuki Kitahata and Kenichi Yoshikawa, 1-37 (2023)

"Stabilization of DNA-encapsulating Droplets through Negative Charge at the Droplet Interface"

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"Chlorogenic Acid Protects DNA against Double-strand Breaks: Evidence from Single Molecule Observation"

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"Spontaneous Formation of Uniform Cell-Sized Microgels through Water/Water Phase Separation"

Mayu Shono, Gen Honda, Miho Yanagisawa, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Akihisa Shioi, Small, (2023)

"Stiffness of Confinement Controls the Localization of an Object Under Crowding: Macroscale Real-World and Microscale Numerical Modelings on the Specificity of Intracellular Positioning"

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"Self-emergent vortex flow of microtubule and kinesin in cell-sized droplets under water/water phase separation"

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"The Anticancer Drug Daunomycin Directly Affects Gene Expression and DNA Structure"

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"Activation/Inhibition of Gene Expression Caused by Alcohols: Relationship with the Viscoelastic Property of a DNA Molecule"

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"新規な病態計測法: 組織の伸展応答パターンにおける機械学習の活用"

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"Overview of DNA damage and double-strand breaks"

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"A Unified Genomic Mechanism of Cell-Fate Change"

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"Markedly Different Effects of Monovalent Cations on the Efficiency of Gene Expression"

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"Quantitative evaluation of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) through single-molecule observation"

and Kenichi Yoshikawa, The Enzymes, 51, 7-27 (2022)

"Water-in-Water droplets selectively uptake self- assembled DNA nano/microstructures: a versatile method for purification in DNA Nanotechnology"

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"Higher-order structure of DNA determines its positioning in cell-size droplets under crowded conditions"

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"Emergence of uniform linearly-arranged micro-droplets entrapping DNA and living cells through water/water phase-separation"

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"Polymerization/depolymerization of actin cooperates with the morphology and stability of cell-sized droplets generated in a polymer solution under depletion effect"

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"Double-Strand Breaks in Genome-sized DNA Caused by Megahertz Ultrasound"

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"Longer DNA exhibits greater potential for cell-free gene expression"

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"Effects of Structural Isomers of Spermine on the Higher-Order Structure of DNA and Gene Expression"

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"Emergence of Many Mini-Circles from a Coffee Suspension with Mechanical Rotation"

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"Quasi-stationary states in ionic liquid-liquid crystal mixtures at the nematic-isotropic phase transition"

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"Energy consumption and conversion efficiency for a micromotor under DC voltage"

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