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author : Yulia S. Mel'nikova

First name Yulia S.
Family name Mel'nikova


"Folding of Long DNA Chains in the Presence of Distearyldimethylammonium Bromide and Unfolding Induced by Neutral Liposomes"

Sergey M. Mel'nikov, Vladimir G. Sergeyev, Yulia S. Mel'nikova and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Journal of the Chemical Society-Faraday Transactions, 93, 283-288 (1997)


"Novel Method to Form Giant Liposome Entrapping DNA"

Noriyuki Kumazawa, Yulia S. Mel'nikova and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Macromolecular Symposia, 106, 219-223 (1996)


"Positively Charged Surface Induces Discontinuous Transition for the High Order Structure in Duplex DNA"

Yulia S. Mel'nikova, Noriyuki Kumazawa and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 214, 1040-1044 (1995)