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author : Eloise Prieto

First name Eloise
Family name Prieto


"Nano-scale analyses of the chromatin decompaction induced by histone acetylation"

Koji Hizume, Sumiko Araki, Kosuke Hata, Eloise Prieto, Tapas K Kundu and Kenichi Yoshikawa, 73, 149-163 (2010)


"Removal of histone tails from nucleosome dissects the physical mechanisms of salt-induced aggregation, linker histone H1-induced compaction, and 30-nm fiber formation of the nucleosome array"

Kohji Hizume, Tonau Nakai, Sumiko Araki, Eloise Prieto, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Kunio Takeyasu, Ultramicroscopy, 109, 868-873 (2009)