count: 9  1 - 9

author : Hiroki Nagahara

First name Hiroki
Family name Nagahara


"Large system in a small cell: A hypothetical pathway from a microscopic stochastic process towards robust genetic regulation"

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"Spatiotemporal pattern in somitogenesis: A non-Turing scenario with wave propagation"

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"On Chemical Methods of Direction and Distance Sensing"

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"Large-scale on-off switching of genetic activity mediated by the folding-unfolding transition in a giant DNA molecule: An hypothesis"

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"Ultradian oscillations of Stat, Smad, and Hes1 expression in response to serum"

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"Survival versus collapse: Abrupt drop of excitability kills the traveling pulse, while gradual change results in adaptation"

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"Real-time imaging of the somite segmentation clock: revelation of unstable oscillators in the individual presomitic mesoderm cells"

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"Direction detector on an excitable field:Field computation with coincidence detection"

Hiroki Nagahara, Takatoshi Ichino and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Physical Review E, 70, (2004)