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author : Masahiko Hase

First name Masahiko
Family name Hase


"How Does the Mobility of Phospholipid Molecules at a Water/Oil Interface Reflect the Viscosity of the Surrounding Oil?"

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"Manipulation of Cell-Sized Phospholipid-Coated Microdroplets and Their Use as Biochemical Microreactors"

Masahiko Hase, Ayako Yamada, Tsutomu Hamada, Damien Baigl and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Langmuir, 23, 348-352 (2007)


"Rhythmic motion of a droplet under a dc electric field"

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"Spontaneous Transfer of Phospholipid-Coated Oil-in-Oil and Water-in-Oil Micro-Droplets through Oil/Water Interface"

Ayako Yamada, Toru Yamanaka, Tsutomu Hamada, Masahiko Hase, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Damien Baigl, Langmuir, 22, 9824-9828 (2006)

"Transport of a cell-sized phospholipid micro-container across water/oil interface"

Masahiko Hase, Ayako Yamada, Tsutomu Hamada and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Chemical Physics Letters, 426, 441-444 (2006)

"Structural transition of actin filament in a cell-sized water droplet with a phospholipid membrane"

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