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author : Hirohide Saito

First name Hirohide
Family name Saito


"Light-Regulated mRNA Condensation by a Photosensitive Surfactant Works as a Series Photoswitch of Translation Activity in the Presence of Small RNAs"

Sergii Rudiuk, Hirohide Saito, Tomoaki Hara, Tan Inoue, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Damien Baigl, Biomacromolecules, 12, 3945-3951 (2011)


"Sequence-independent and reversible photocontrol of transcription/expression systems using a photosensitive nucleic acid binder"

André Estévez-Torres, Cecile Crozatier, Antoine Diguet, Tomoaki Hara, Hirohide Saito, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Damien Baigl, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 106, 12219-12223 (2009)

"Time-Resolved Tracking of a Minimum Gene Expression System Reconstituted in Giant Liposomes"

Hirohide Saito, Yusho Kato, Mael Le Berre, Ayako Yamada, Tan Inoue, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Damien Baigl, ChemBioChem, 10, 1640-1643 (2009)