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author : Sergii Rudiuk

First name Sergii
Family name Rudiuk


"Theory of DNA-cationic micelle complexation"

Helmut Schiessel, María D Correa-Rodríguez, Sergii Rudiuk, Damien Baigl and Kenichi Yoshikawa, Soft Matter, 8, 9406-9411 (2012)

"Enhancement of DNA compaction by negatively charged nanoparticles: Effect of nanoparticle size and surfactant chain length"

Sergii Rudiuk, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Damien Baigl, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 368, 372-377 (2012)


"Light-Regulated mRNA Condensation by a Photosensitive Surfactant Works as a Series Photoswitch of Translation Activity in the Presence of Small RNAs"

Sergii Rudiuk, Hirohide Saito, Tomoaki Hara, Tan Inoue, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Damien Baigl, Biomacromolecules, 12, 3945-3951 (2011)

"Enhancement of DNA Compaction by Negatively Charged Nanoparticles. Application to Reversible Photocontrol of DNA Higher-Order Structure"

Sergii Rudiuk, Kenichi Yoshikawa and Damien Baigl, Soft Matter, 7, 5854-5860 (2011)